The Purple Season has passed

It's been a while. I'm barely keeping up with the seasons. Winter swam into Spring this year. There was a lot of purple in the landscape for a while. Now summer flirts with us; one day hot and steamy, the next cold and cloudy.

Whenever we have a dry half day, we run outside and work in the garden. I never had a chance to turn over the soil in the vegetable plot properly. I just kind of mixed it up a bit and threw in a bag of fresh earth before adding 5 tomato plants and some cucumber seeds. In the this picture, there are strawberry plants in the foreground and rhubarb in the back.

I've been challenged knitting wise too. I keep knitting simple shawls. Now that I look at them, they all have a lot in common. Here's the first one in brown Malabrigo Sock with a leaf lace centre...

Next, a classic small sized Aestlight. The yarn is Pagewood Farms Denali....In these first two, you knit the centre first, then pick up around to knit the border and edging.

And finally, I thought I was knitting something completely different when I let myself get caught up in the rage over Jared Flood's Rock Island pattern in red Tosh Lace. Now doesn't this remind you of the others? It's constructed a bit differently, they all have an edging, an openwork border and a tringular centre. On this one, you begin with the edging. Then pick up all along it and knit the border which is a Shetland bead lace pattern and last knit a garter stitch centre. The original pattern is knit with a silk yarn and stretched within an inch of it's life so that in the pictures, it looks less traditional than it might otherwise. Can't wait to see how mine blocks out.


Mary Lou said…
There does seem to be a theme there. We had a cold, wet spring, now it is suddenly too hot. I just hate that. Our flowering crabs bloomed for a few days then all the petal blew away during a storm. Finally decided it was warm enough for tomatoes, but a month later than last year.

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