Pink Update II

I'm slogging through the Wave Lace edging from Heirloom Knitting. This photo shows where I was on Sunday morning. Now I'm at the halfway point. It is essentially the same as the wave lace used in the Rock Island Shawl.

I'm not convinced that I will have enough yarn to finish the edging, but I can't tell yet. If I run out, then I will wish that I had done the Doris edging. That's because in the Wave Lace pattern, the first stitch of each inwards row is fortified with a yo paired with a decrease and this uses up more yarn. I might be OKAY. If not, watch out Marcia, who bought the same yarn at the same time last year at Hemlock. I may be plaguing you for a few yards.

The yarn is Piggy Toes B Pot Luck Yarn. 65% Superwash Merino/35% Bamboo. Soft, but the bamboo adds shine and a bit of weight which is just right to hold a shoulder shawl in place.


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