GS II on track for take off

I've finished the Garter Stitch Catharina II and blocked it. I'll put it away until I find the right someone who can wear this strange clay/pink/purple colour. I could in a pinch. I just love this pattern and will probably knit it again. The garter stitch really shows off the yarn quality. I'd knit it again.

Doesn't it look like it should be slithering along the ocean floor?

I've been sticking to my plan and just today finished re-knitting the back of the Noro Swing Jacket. After this, I think I'll get on to small projects and swatches for a while. It's taken a lot of discipline not to get sidetracked. I'll post about my swing jacket modifications in a few days.


Mary Lou said…
It does look a bit like a manta ray there. I love the shadow shot, too. Who knows what evil lurks...I have been knitting an actual sweater for myself with someone else's pattern. Feels like vacation.
Marjorie said…
That is beautiful. I just love the shawls in that book, and you've done a great job with it.

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