With the excuse of signing up for a bus trip to Rhinebeck, I made a trip to the LYS yesterday, specifically to Yarn Boutique. Really, I was only trying to console myself about having to unravel the three pieces of the Noro Swing Jacket.

I looked at patterns. I admired a great deal of yarn. In the end I held off buying the yarn and bought two Berocco booklets, no. 288 and no 298. I'm not the type to spend $9.50 per skein, unless it's something very special. I decided to look in my stash to see if there is anything I could use to make
Reid in place of the 9 skeins of Blackstone Tweed called for by the pattern.

I have 9 skeins of Fibra Natura Heaven purchased at Mouline this summer. Hmmm. There might not be enough yarn considering the gauge is smaller than the Blackstone tweed. Tempting though...I could end up with a worse problem than I'm having with the Noro. Must dig deeper into the stash.

In my typically disciplined way (ha ha), I re-started the Swing Jacket after returning from the LYS and have gotten half way up one front. When I finish the last repeat on the GS Catharina, I'll start another project.


Mary Lou said…
OOH, one of these years I am going to make it to Rhinebeck. And I am itching to start a sweater, must be because the heat broke at last.
Miss Marty said…
Dear Raveller,
I see that you live in Rochester, I myself live in Auburn. It is nice to have such a wonderful blog so close to home. See you in Rhinebeck this fall.

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