Catching Up

It's been a while, I know. Summer is racing by. What with going to the cottage and a feeble internet connection, I've managed not to post anything for a good two weeks. So, what have I been up to?

My last post showed two pictures taken while at our annual family reunion in Wakefield, Quebec. Even though it rained a bit every day, it was a wonderful break and really great to see everyone. There was plenty of knitting too. My sister Christina just about finished a cardigan with yarn she saved by unravelling the failed
Minimalist Cardigan. My nephew was knitting too, as he does each year when we get together. He first picked up knitting in the Toronto Textile Museum in the hands on exhibit one summer. He happens to be wearing his first knitting on his right wrist. You can just see it in this photo:

Aniko had knit night at her house and I got to meet Wakefield Potter and Katdry.

There was even knitting in the canoe:

I finished one knee sock and started the second out of Paton's Stretch Sock. Meh.

I finished the Garter Eyelets Cardigan (Gayle Bunn), published in the June 2009 issue of Knitn'Style. I pretty much followed the pattern except that I lengthened the sleeves and didn't use the yarn they called for. I used
Queensland Collection Invito Print. The colour variations almost completely hide the stitch pattern, but I think that's fine. You can see the original on this page. It's the tiny photo at the bottom right. See the big copyright notice. If only the picture were more visible, people might be more tempted to knit it, hey? One of my peeves is that not all publishers seem to have taken full advantage of the web for marketing. Instead of letting us all see a proper picture, all we get is this small thumbnail with a copyright notice over it. Are they afraid that someone will see it and figure out how to knit it without buying the pattern?

Anyway, here's my version:


Mary Lou said…
Ah, Wakefield. sorry, I was distracted from your sweater by thoughts of the Wakefield Bakery. Is it still there? I haven't thought of it in years, but a sausage roll and assorted treats was a requirement of trips to the Gatineau when I lived in Ottawa. Lucky you to have a cottage there.

The sweater turned out well, and the wall of books adds something.
practical katie said…
In the canoe??? You have to post that picture to facebook - it's fabulous!

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