I opened the mail today and found these four beauties in a plain brown envelope, sender anonymous:

What fun! Sunglasses and slouching seem to go hand in hand:

They were pushing plaid on the knitting public as long as 51 years ago:

It's amazing how thin people were and how they constricted their figures:

And not just women. This pullover looks very stiff:

I've nothing of my own knitting to show right now. I'm halfway through my second Double Diamond Border Scarf (Victorian Knitting Today). I keeping wondering why I'm not experimenting with the technique in a different border pattern. It's a gift and it was supposed to be knit in black yarn. On closer inspection, six inches into the pattern, the yarn revealed itself to be a very dark navy. That's fine. This way I'll avoid Mary Lou's curse of the black shawl

I'm also nearing the end of a swing jacket which just may be my biggest mistake in years. I'll let you know how it turns out. Not much hope. Picture two shades of red and a lot of horizontal stripes.

Also, there are socks to be knitted. Anyhow, I'm at the point where I'm kicking myself for not having recognized various warning signs in connection with the swing jacket and wondering why I'm not finishing up the Pine Tree Palatine or working with the wool I bought in Iceland. Such is life.

Oh, and many thanks to anonymous for cheering me up with these magazines!


Mary Lou said…
you didn't get them from me, because i would have kept them for myself! I never understood the tight fit and high tight armscyes of that era - so uncomfortable. I like a little room to move!

Can you find a pair of Adam Ant glasses like the aran sweater gal? So posh!
Kathleen said…
I think the thin look (on the women, at least) is a result of a little torture device called a CORSET or maybe a GIRDLE. I love how their eyebrows seem to always be in an expression of surprise...gasping for breath, maybe?
practical katie said…
Did you scan those pictures in??? How great! Can you believe I found them in the good will?? There was a pile of them just sitting on a bookcase.
Marjorie said…
I have a few magazines and pattern books like that, but most are from the 60s and 70s. The styles can be updated quite easily (that cable sweater is lovely), but they are usually written out and not charted.

My major regret is that I had most of the VKs from the 1950s and 1960s until it ceased publication, and my mother threw them out!

If you aren't old enough to remember the girdles from the 1950s, consider yourself very lucky!

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