Mystery Solved

Thank you Practical Katie for the vintage mags! Imagine going into a thrift store and finding those!

Now I hear that my Dad is driving around Ottawa with a trunkful of his wife's old knitting magazines for me. Don't throw them out, Dad! Ask Frances to hold on to them for me, please.

Mary Lou, I have to confess that I had to look Adam Ant up on wikipedia. For some reason my mind draws a big blank on the late seventies and early eighties, just when I should have been most attuned to popular culture.

My recollection of girdles is limited to a vague memory of envying our friend Charlotte who had one in the early sixties. We used to get dresses handed down from her and I was always hoping we'd get the girdle. What can I say, I was only about 6.


Mary Lou said…
I spelled it wrong, I meant Atom Ant, the cartoon. For some reason we used to call sunglasses that made one look bug-eyed Atom Ant glasses.

But may Adam Ant wore them, too!

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