Thanks for your consoling remarks. I really should have swatched before I started this. I was ready to press on and finish until I read Halla's comment about the needle size that her friends use with Einband - 4.5 or 5 mm which is considerably larger than the 2.5 mm needle I am using. I ran my knitting upstairs, plunged it into a sink of water and Eucalan and left it there to soak for 20 minutes, needles and all. Then I remembered that I am not knitting with the regular Einband that is sold by Alafoss, which is probably what Halla's friends are using, but with a the much finer mystery Einband from the Handkntters Association sale bin. Remember that I was getting 50 wpi with it. Compare that with 37 wpi from the Alafoss Einband. Maybe the green yarn isn't Einband at all. Anyway, the 2.5 mm seems to be just fine. I blocked it and while it isn't wide enough for a curtain, check it, eh?

Did you click to embiggen? At any rate, I am now in love with this yarn. The resulting fabric is very thin and the yarn defines and holds the stitches so well.  I think that this will have to be a stole rather than a curtain.

A post on Vik is coming up, but for now, the wisteria and lilac are in full bloom.


AlisonH said…
Re your comment on Stephanie's blog: I have some friends with a similar problem, and they called their representative in the House in DC, who promptly slapped an investigation on the IRS over it. Boom, they got their tax refund.
Raveller said…
@AlisonH - Yes, my co-worker eventually did work it out, but what a lot of trouble just because of a hyphenated name!
Mary Lou said…
The erstwhile curtain looks great - how does the yarn feel after a soak? I envy you the wisteria, we can't really grow it here in MN. I do have lilacs which the former owner planted -- white lilacs. What's the point if they are not lilac? At least they smell the same.
AlisonH said…
I should add--that's absolutely stunning. I caught my breath at a few of the pictures, hoping that ethereal lace didn't snag on it (having backed into a rosebush this week wearing a newly-finished shawl.)
Mary Lou said…
I also meant to say that I think I prefer your version of the alternating small trees.

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