Galina, Galina...

Listened to this long but interesting interview with Galina Khmeleva of Skaska Designs who I seem to go on about from time to time. It's on a podcast called The Knitmore Girls, which I had never heard of. A few days later they did an interview with Cheryle Oberle, designer of the North Sea Shawl among other things. I haven't listened to that one yet, but I think that these interviews will be important documents in knitting history and I hope they will somehow be preserved. It does not seem to be covered by the Internet Archive, alas.

I hope that we can lure Galina to Western New York and knit with her again one of these days.


Mary Lou said…
Galina has an article in the new Piecework on Orenburg Lace and Olga Fedorova. I just bought it, so I haven't read it yet.
Anonymous said…
galina will be in Buffalo in August for TKGA.
Jasmin said…
This is really interesting! Do you really think they should be in the Internet archive?

Let me know, and I'll see about archiving them.
Marjorie said…
Thanks for those links. I haven't been too adventurous with podcasts because I've been having trouble keeping up with KnitPicks, but I will definitely download those to my iPod for later listening.

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