Sea Green. Really.

I know it's hard to believe, but this shawl is actually a beautiful deep sea green colour. I hung it up in the window to show the lace pattern. It's a surprisingly simple pattern, with only one lace row alternating with a purl row and then a series of knit rows to set off the lace panes. Easier than feather and fan. The pattern is in this book by Cheryl Oberle, which is well worth investing in for this and many other patterns.

Approaching what might well be the end of the first border, I blocked it out in order to determine how many more repeats I need to get the desired length. I'm not using the yarn called for in the pattern and my gauge was seven stitches to the inch, somewhat finer than what the pattern called for. To start with, I cast on extra, adding two pattern repeats to the width. I'm not sure how wide it is at this point, maybe 22 inches, but I'm comfortable with it. I'll measure it at the end.

I'm more concerned with balancing the length of the two borders with the center section. The shawl is supposed to be 72 inches long. I'm aiming for the center section to be about 18 inches ( 25% of the length) and 27 inches (37.5%) for each of the two outer, or border sections. I haven't decided whether I'll do the stitch shown in the pattern for the center section or some other stitch. What shape would look well with these squares?

This picture shows my progress so far. It reflects the colour the best too, though it still doesn't do it justice. Oooh, I just scrolled up and down through this post. The pattern made me dizzy. Do you suppose if I stood with the light behind me and waved the shawl at my enemies they'd crumple?

On another note, I've actually finished and blocked the Double Bordered Diamond Shawl, thus restoring my self respect. Hoping to get some good pictures soon.


Mary Lou said…
They will be so dazzled by the beauty of the stole they will flee before you. I did a variation of this stitch for a seamans scarf, and I did not get dizzy ever.
62mockingbirds said…
it looks like beautiful moss in the woods on a summer night
shandy said…
That,s just lovely. Sometimes the simplest patterns are the best.

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