Double Bordered Diamond Scarf

This knitted lace pattern is from the book, Victorian Lace Today. The 20 row repeat is divided horizontally into 3 sections: two borders and a narrow middle section. 

3 skeins = 765 yds. 
36 pattern repeats
Length: 60 inches

Each row starts with plain knitting for the first border, followed by the mesh stitch center, and finishing up with the second border which is knit in lace pattern stitches.  Here you can see the 3 sections up close:

I enjoyed figuring out how the pattern worked, but after the first 10 repeats or so, working it became routine. I really had to push myself to keep going to the end.

Tres elegant, non? Makes me think about working this with other border patterns and a different center stitch. The possibilities are endless.

I have 2 more skeins of this yarn in navy blue and I keep ogling the remainder in the yarn shop. I'm tempted to make a pair of gloves out of it. It feels like it would make good gloves. Maybe after I finish the brown socks... 

This week I also finished the blue Twilley's cardigan. It's blocking now and I'll be looking for buttons. North Sea is in the home stretch too. Guess I'm finally getting over that bronchial thing. After seeing this in the garden, I'm feeling hopeful that Spring may be on its way:


Patti Blaine said…
I can't decide which is more lovely: The scarf or the sign of spring! :)

Glad to read you've finally kicked the bronchial thing after all the kicking it did on you!
62mockingbirds said…
oooh it looks great
did steph like it?
Raveller said…
Yes, I believe that she does like it (Steph is our Art Librarian).

Marjorie said…
Very nice. It looks lovely on you.

I've been wondering about the Karabella yarn. I'm using Aurora 8 now, with great success, and I've been "window shopping" on the web for other Karabella yarns.
Helen said…
My gosh, that's one gorgeous scarf!
Mary Lou said…
Signs of Spring - gorgeous. As is the scarf, a nice lightweight lace scarf for spring.
Mary Lou said…
And I love the card catalogue!

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