Blue Twilley's

Pattern: Twilley's of Stamford 9079
Yarn: Freedom Spirit
Size: Only a bit too big

I continue to be challenged by sweater knitting. Glad this one was not a complete disaster - it is borderline, though. It looks a bit like an old man sweater (sorry Dad), but I think I'll wear it a lot due to it's cosiness.

Lovely colours.
Feels very light, almost like you're not wearing it.
Very cosy.

Strange colour pooling, especially on the button band.
Could be a size smaller - the cabling and ribbing makes it expand. 
Shaping is totally lost.
Not flattering to the figure when buttoned.
Sometimes feels like it's falling off my shoulders, tho' this is overcome by holding it closed with a brooch.

Thanks for the compliments on the Double Bordered Scarf, everyone. The person in the photo is not actually me. It's Stephanie, our Art librarian, who is the recipient of the lovely scarf.

Coming up

Two disastrous sweaters from the past take on new lives, and the beautiful North Sea Shawl is finished, dressed and photographed in Nature.


Mary Lou said…
I like the color pooling in the bands. I did an intentionally oversized v neck cardi to my regret. it fell off the shoulders constantly and i gave it away to a more amply endowed co-worker. I wait anxiously for the future tales of bad sweaters.

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