Lost it

The first time I saw an email telling me about Daily Lit, I deleted it. The whole idea of reading a novel on email seems anathema, abominable, even blasphemous, doesn't it? Well, I've caved. I've signed up.

Essentially, Daily Lit is a service that sends you a few paragraphs of a book each day on email. You select the title (many are free) and tell it when and how often you want to receive installments. The default is daily. When you finish your daily bit, you can click on a link and have the next day's paragraphs sent to you immediately. 

I'd been trying to re-read The Pickwick Papers in connection with a translation I'm working on, but I wasn't not getting anywhere with it. The Pickwick Papers, that is. So I've signed up for Daily Lit and will see how it goes. No guarantees.

Unable to leave it at that, I just noticed that on Librivox, which provides free audiobooks from the public domain, read aloud by volunteers, you can now have a chapter a day sent to you. I signed up for that too. They have many options.

In knitting, I've also wandered off my set path and am now producing hats. I've lost track of the cardigans I was working on for the time being. Having finished 2 quick chemo caps and several pairs of socks, I am currently knitting Franklin Habit's 1840 Nightcap.  I had a skein of Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed (45% cotton, 55% acrylic) that I wanted to try out and know a few people who are probably just desperate enough to wear a cosy nightcap. I'll tell them they can wear it while watching Masterpiece Theater or something. Honestly, even though I'm in the last quarter of the knitting, I'm not sure how it will look. The edging is somewhat larger than Franklin's.

It's a DK weight and the pattern calls for something that knits up at 8 stitches to the inch. The edging motif is a 1 stitch repeat and once you get past that it just has to be divisible by 4 so you can pretty much figure it out through swatching.. I was getting 5.5 stitches to the inch with my Cabin Fever on 3.5 mm needles so I adjusted the pattern by casting on 117 stitches. Sorry no pictures yet.

Snow is back on the ground here in Western New York.  


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