Playing Hooky

I'm posting from the airport at Charlotte, North Carolina, on my way home from the Charleston Conference. This is the best connectivity I've had all week.

I was in Charleston for voting day, which was so exciting for everyone. I watched from my hotel room and went out into the lobby after 11 thinking it would be packed with revellers but it was dead quiet. I guess South Carolina is a red state. Anyway, I later had several exciting conversations about it with taxi drivers. People are really happy and hopeful.

To prime ourselves for our own presentation, my colleague and I went for a walk along The Battery. It was a beautiful day.

On the way back uptown, we stopped twice. First, we practically stumbled across the Unitarian churchyard.  We found it only by peering down a leafy narrow passageway and then daring to go in further. Annabel Lee of Poe's poem supposedly haunts this place...

Then we stopped at Knit on Wentworth Street. Of course we did. I finally bought volumes 1 to 3 of Nora Gaughan, some wooden needles for a sick friend and 2 skeins of...oh dear, I can't think of the name. Beautiful indigo laceweight merino though. Right. Malabrigo, that was it. They have obscenely overflowing bins of Malabrigo and Koigu. We ran into FiberLibrarian 
and had a good chat with her. Running out of battery power so I'll stop here.


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