Winter, Spring, or?

As my husband says, it's hard to take three seasons in the same week.

On Saturday we were skiing in the woods. Just beautiful:


On Sunday, I made a snowman...


On on Monday, the snowman was no more (this scarf is on the way to being felted into a bag)


On Monday, after work, we walked around the reservoir with some half dressed joggers...

Today, Tuesday, the weather is simply unspeakable: freezing rain, sleet and wind. Let's talk about something else.

The Grey Amusement continues to amuse. I ran out of the Extra Fine Mohair (grey) and cadged 2 skeins of Extra Fine Mohair (dark charcoal) from the elusive MsMead who, if she ever posts any photos of her truly fine shawls, will be immediately promoted to knitters' heaven due to both her generosity and her excellent stitchery. In any case, the Grey Amusement is beginning to look quite natty as I am onto the Herringbone Lace stitch (Barbara Abby) edging in this darker shade. I'll take a new photo when the weather cheers up.


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