I ask you!

It's hard to believe that the weather can go on being so foul for so many days. The Grey Amusement is done and keeping me cosy. Feels like an electric blanket turned on low over the legs. Just the thing.

Since I'm afraid I'd be contributing to the general ill health of the population if I posted yet another grey photo without something bright to counter it, here's a lurid shot of a Sally Ann blankie over a chair in the dining room, followed by one of the Amusement.

I've started a cotton jacket for Spring but it's mud coloured. I was planning on posting a photo of the 7 pretty skeins of Koigu that I bought at KnitnPurl yesterday (30% off all yarn!) but sorry, this is all I'm up to tonight. Memo to self: keep a few more bright photos on hand for low moments.




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