This old LYS

I stopped to take a picture of the sign.

It was a old yarn shop sign hung high on the side of a tidy white clapboard building deep in the countryside. I had noticed it several times in the past. I had my camera with me and stopped to take a snap. The sign was a bit worse for wear and I never imagined that the shop might still be operational. I spotted some colourful knitting draped over a hobby horse by the door and approached. I realized there was actually someone in the shop, moving toward the door. I totally missed the "OPEN" sign in the window.

I'm sorry to say that I can't remember her name although we chatted for some time. She told me she was 93 and knits bags for a man in a neighbouring state who felts them for sale. I purchased a set of needles and several patterns from her including the sock book that I'll post about later. A blanket knitted by her sister was neatly folded over a rollaway bed. The yarn that was displayed on the shelves around the room was all Red Heart. Piles of brochures and patterns covered the tables. I was really taken aback and at the same time felt very privileged to be invited in. This was clearly the home of a Knitter with a capital K, someone who had made the craft her life.


MOBarger said…
I almost stopped there! The town starts with S, but I can't remember the name.

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