The Biggest Sock

What fun! Spent yesterday at the Fingerlakes Fiber Festival in Hemlock New York, babysitting The Biggest Sock in the World. Here's where it all started:

This is a real crowd pleaser. People just loved knitting on it. We had knitters of all ages: a husband and wife team, mothers with children tennagers, new knitters - everyone. The goal is to get it into the Guinness Book of World Records. It has 11 sets of needles and 1500 stitches, well, maybe a few more since we had at it yesterday! Hopefully it will go all around the world and come back to its starting place in England. It has been in Rochester, NY and Atlanta, Georgia. While in the US we have been using a lot of Red Heart and Fun Fur type yarns to give the cuff a kind of festive look. Very soon we will mail it to Toronto, Canada.

It will be interesting to see if others will try to incorporate a more controlled pattern to make their section stand out or whether they will continue as we have - just using whatever people donate. It would be interesting to see more patterns but then some of the fun might go out of it. What can be done to keep the best of both worlds?


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