Cobweb Crepe

The Cobweb Crepe hap is lying in a heap on the spare bed, waiting to be be blocked and have its ends tucked in. I've hauled out another old project - a top down raglan pullover of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in yes - greeny yellow. Sigh. I really like it though. It has three quarter length sleeves ending in Barbara Abbey's Herringbone Lace stitch. The hem is also done in that stitch. I've finished the body and am about to cast off the hem of the first sleeve. If I keep at it, I'll be finished this weekend and have the hap blocked too. We'll see. I'll be working in the garden tomorrow, digging a new flower bed. That may finish me off.

I think that Ravelry is actually making me knit more. It makes me account for things. I've been dragging yarn and unfinished projects out of forgotten places and getting on with things. Also, I admit that the idea of an audience, real or imagined has an effect on me. So there.


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