That darned Hitofude

Of course, I was only supposed to knit 15 repeats and I've almost finished 17. Sigh. It measures 15 inches around where it's supposed to go around the top of the arm. My arm is 11 inches around. I cannot read or follow instructions it seems. To fog or not to frog. . . That is the question. 

Ravelers in the know suggest adding extra repeats at this point. To make the chest measurement bigger and the overall length longer. Or something. 

On the other hand I knit through a knot a few rows back. Might be a good time to tink back. Just 6 rows. 

Or perhaps I'll watch The Theorists (Teoretiki), the Belorussian version of Big Bang Theory, on YouTube. It has English subtitles. Google it. 


Mary Lou said…
6 rows yes, but how many stitches...I will check out the Belorussian big bang, sounds worth a few minutes of my time, for sure! HAppy long weekend.

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