Hitofude Forgiven

I tried watching the Belorussian Bing Bang and gave up after the first few minutes. Not funny.

I bravely pulled the needle out of my knitting, dropping almost 250 stitches per row (plus markers) and pulled back about 14 rows to the correct stopping place. Then I picked up 10 live stitches for every horizontal repeat. There were supposed to be 12 in each, but 2 in each repeat were yo's so I didn't even try to get them, just concentrated on catching up the live stitches any way I could. Many were turned around, so I tinked back that one row, picking up yo's in the right places and straightening the stitches. All was well in the end. Gulp.

Since then, things have gotten much more interesting, what with picking up provisional stitches, binding off the underarm seams. Now it looks like a lacey shrug on a circular needle.


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