Hitofude: how long?

The Hitofude has a set combination of lace pattern repeats after the waistband that create a widening "skirt."  Ravellers report increasing the length using various combinations of these repeats. At this point I have completed 8: 5 chevrons of pattern A and 3 of pattern B. This is already 2 more than the pattern calls for. I'm aiming at a length of 18 inches from the underarm. I think that if I just follow the pattern as it's written from now on, I'll end up with 14 altogether. That should do it. In any case, it's easy enough to add an extra repeat at the bottom if I feel I need it.

Thank you, Mary Lou for the encouragement. You know, now that I can see the end, I must say this pattern would be a good one for a rising intermediate lace knitter. It's not hard at all, the instructions are well written, and there is no sewing involved. I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said…
Love that red colour Helen. Keep going.

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