January Socks in under the wire!

Here are my January socks. I just finished them and am posting in the 11th (or is it the 12th hour?). The yarn is Regia, Kaffe Fasset something or other. The labels are around here somewhere.

I really, really like the idea of having 12 pairs of hand knit socks at the end of the year. Knitting one pair of plain socks per month can't be too difficult.



12 pairs of handknit socks. Now that does sound good...
These are really nice - a good start of the knitting year.
Mary Lou said…
I made some in that same colorway for my niece. Nice socks. I guess I have already failed January.
Stormy said…
Beautiful Socks Helen! I must, must, must find me some of that yarn too!

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