When you just need to knit...

Maybe it's been a long day at work. Maybe you're coming off a complex lace jag. One more Russian chart will make you cry, but straight stocking stitch will just put you to sleep.

You like garter stitch, but you're looking for a project with a bit of interest.

Something that will let the beauty of the yarn shine through. Something that will use up that sock yarn you keep buying. Something that will show you a different side of short rows. Did I mention that you're not afraid of short rows?

Coquille. By Yarnerinas. You know you want to.

(Ravelry link here. Queues instantly!)


Miss Marty said…
I know just how you feel, a few weeks ago I finished and Estonian blanket. I walked around aimlessly for days trying to find something to knit that was not hard but had some challenge to it too.
Mary Lou said…
It looks great in that yarn combo. I'm honored. I like hearing people find it easy but not boring. My goal for most of my knitting, sadly.
Raveller said…
It's been crazy at work and it was just the thing I needed. There should be a tag for this kind of project. Problem is, we all have our own levels and moods. It did hit the spot for me, Mary Lou. Thanks for designing it!

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