Over the Hills and Far Away

I woke up on Sunday morning with the feeling that it was all a dream. Having set out in the dark on a Trailways bus at 5 am Saturday morning and returned at midnight Saturday night, it's hardly surprising. First time at Rhinebeck. Wow.

We arrived at the Dutchess County fairgrounds at around 10 am and the place was already packed. There were about 20 buildings, many containing vendors, some with animals. I got bogged down for the first 2 hours in buildings A and B, the highlights of which included losing my hat at Skaska Designs (Galina saved it for me) and a company that sells leather handbag straps. Plenty of knitting to look at, good and bad, but my photographic skills were out the window with my wits. Most of my pictures looked like this. Here you can get a glimpse of some of the lovely flowers which were everywhere:

I stopped outside and wolfed down my cheese sandwich. It's really easy to find a place to take a break. There are a lot of wooden benches scattered about.

I wish I had spent more time sitting and watching the passers by. Instead, I got caught up gawking at the consumer goods. Hemlock times 10. I'm pretty sure that I got to the noon time Ravelry meet-up, but did I really see Ysolda Teague donning a gigantic knitted Bob-head? Did I really go up to Casey and say something sentimental about Ravelry? Oy, what would I have done after sunset had I stayed?

After lunch I staggered through the remaining buildings. I passed long lines of young women queuing to buy Bugga and STR. My head was spinning when I saw a familiar booth: Persimmon Tree Farm, the vendor who sold me the yarn for my Eastern Canopy at Hemlock:

Late in the day, after a good sit down, I managed to get this shot of some of my bus buddies. Here's Tina Turner leading us back to our bus before the sun set.

Had a great time. I'm ready to go back next year. Next time, I'd focus my time with the vendors, sit around and chat more and try to see the sheep dogs. Once at Hemlock I saw dogs herding geese. I think. You never know.


bmac said…
I hope you bring your purchases to knitting Tuesday night at the Yarn Boutique! It's great to read your thoughts on the event - I have never been there.

Mary Lou said…
I do love the sheep dog events. And did Tina Turner really lead you all to the bus? I had an image of singing Pink Cadillac and waving a shepherds crook.
Raveller said…
Mary Lou, we have our own unflappable Tina Turner here in Rochester and we follow her faithfully. She organized our bus trip!
Helen said…
Oh I thought Tina Turner was a product of your 5 a.m. start, and I envisaged her in those wonderful high heels. But what did you buy?

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