Eastern Canopy

First things first: Status of the Blue Bag - I cut out a pink satin lining for it and found some blue buttons. I'd like to find a piece of card or plastic and cut it to fit the bottom of the bag so that it retains its shape. I'd really like to finish it up this week so I can take it to Rhinebeck. Shandy, it's the easiest thing to make. Just experiment with some leftover yarn that is suitable for felting. Try out a few sample stitches and shrink them and go from there. I knit it in the round which made the mosaic stitch a lot easier - you just repeat the same row twice! Mary Lou, looks like you need a break! I do my best to keep my work at work, but I know it's not always easy. For now, my gadding about continues. Today we went to Canadice Lake and I brought my knitting.

The latest:
Last week, I started out knitting a
Forest Canopy and ended up knitting the border and edging of Aestlight onto it (after adding about 40 stitches on to my last Canopy row). I'm calling my version Eastern Canopy. I just love that eyelet border!

Yarn: Persimmon Tree Farm - Piggy Toes B Pot Luck Yarn. 65% Superwash Merino/35% Bamboo. The skein has 560 yards/about 4 ounces but I only used about 3 quarters of it, maybe not even.

I finished it in the car today and took it on my walk by Canadice Lake. The colours of the shawl were everywhere around - in the leaves and the earth.

It was the perfect Fall day. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

On the way home, we bought honey. We could see the hives behind the house. The stand is at the corner of Canadice Lake Road and Purcell Road. Mmmmm.

Once home, I blocked my shawl. It's 50 inches across the top while pinned.

Here's what I have left out of 4 ounces:


Mary Lou said…
I like the Eastern Canopy. And the fall photos. Went for a long ride yesterday afternoon with a friend and it was gorgeous. I was looking at a particular stretch of trees and thinking of yarn when she mentioned wanting quilting fabric like that. Funny. And a nice break for sure, but not long enough!
Helen said…
Your Eastern Canopy is lovely, although it's heresy to say you got bored with the Forest Canopy :) I keep meaning to do an Aestlight but never quite do.

Gorgeous colours, both in nature and art.
shandy said…
The colours of the shawl are just so lovely. Always tempting to knit the same pattern again.
Miss Marty said…
The views are wonderful, it has been a nice holiday weekend. The All Tied Up Yarns is now open in Auburn, NY at 14 State Street. Next time you are this way please stop in. Andrea would love to see you.
Helen said…
Love, love, love your Eastern Canopy!

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