Post Script

Thank you all for your comments.

The Pink Blaze is simply a very traditional pattern writ large by using worsted weight yarn. A plain knit centre with feather and fan border and scalloped edging.

Shandy, let's face it, mohair always sheds, it just shows more on black. But some of the new mohair yarns don't seem to shed as much as the older ones. This was from a cone that I acquired in a the Guild auction. It had probably been hanging around someone's stash for decades.

Maybe I will knit another one, but it's time for a break from the feather and fan. A long break.

Here's a preview of progress on the second Fir Cone shawl...more on this soon.


Marjorie said…
It's interesting that you should make that comment about knitting lace with worsted. I've been thinking how much I'd like a cozy shawl to wear on winter evenings, and I was considering something like Lamb's Pride for it. Based on my experience with that yarn, the bit of mohair in it doesn't shed. The shawls I've considered are from Folk Shawls, and that book does have quite a number in heavier weight yarns. Your pink shawl turned out so lovely that it will inspire me to move a project like that up on my to-knit list.

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