Fir Cone Border Swatch

What's a blog entry without a photo? Here are a couple of pics of a swatch that I have done for the border of the second Fir Cone Diamond centre.

I used the leftover pale green yarn for the swatch below, but the shawl in question will be of the dull blue gray colour of the same yarn - Karabella Lace Merino. Same stitches, different colour.

The inner border is the Candlelight stitch From Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting. It looks sort of like the Fir Cone stitch. The outer border, which almost looks like an insertion before the edging, is the Cat's Eye stitch and the edging is the Traditional Scalloped Edging from the same book. I think they'll fit well together with the Fir Cone.

The pink blanket is still with me. It just needs one more push to finish the last 1/8th of the edging.


Mary Lou said…
Multi borders! Kind of like when you go to the framer and the offer to add several different shades of mitered mat board and it looks great. Very ambitious, I might add.
Marjorie said…
That is a nice combination of edgings.

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