Pink Blaze

Finally! Funny how you can talk yourself into a state about things.

I had all but convinced myself that this knit would never be done. The last eighth of the edging took about 2 weeks to finish. I worried that the change of yarn weights between the centre square and the border would not work out. I worried that it was too pink. I worried that the slightly darker colour of the centre square would make it look like a baby had pooped on it and it wouldn't wash out. But I was tired of it as my couch companion so I finished it off and gave it a wash.

This is for Bronia and Zoe. May it give you years of pleasure. My only warning is don't get near it if you're wearing black (it sheds a little) and don't kill each other fighting over it. My husband's remark this morning was, "Why don't you make anything like that for us?"

Yarn for plain knit centre square: Pingouin Jarré (cotton, wool acrylic)
Yarn for border and edging: Cascade 200 Heathers knit with mystery lace weight mohair (wool etc.)
Pattern: This is basically the Cobweb Crepe pattern from that Sharon Miller's Heirloom knitting with the Traditional Peaked Shawl edging instead of the Clematis edging.
Needle: 5 mm.


shandy said…
Wow! That is just lovely.

What a shame that it sheds on to black.
Helen said…
So when are you knitting one for you? I think it's lovely, and the border is a triumph.
Mary Lou said…
Worth the wait, I'd say. Of course, I wasn't knitting it. And why don't you ever knit something like that for us is the ultimate compliment, if a wee bit back handed...

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