Okay, Okay...

My little contest induced some of you lurkers to come out and comment, for which I am happy. Others have been phoning each other and me with guesses (all wrong).

So. I'll tell you now what was making the noise that had my neighbour and the police in a such twist - it was the dying battery of a pager. Said pager was lying on top of the refrigerator which is situated under a cupboard. The cupboard is under a stairway. Go figure.

Meanwhile, here is my progress on the pink blanket. I've just started the edging.


Mary Lou said…
I could have guessed until hell froze over and I would not have come up with that. Keep it for a book plot! Nice blanket.
Helen said…
My last phone used to make the most heart-breaking bleep when the battery was low or when I had a text. It could be heard through walls and through handbags, a very piercing and upsetting sound.

Very pretty blanket.
shandy said…
I loved that picture of the fircone square on the white chair. such a shame how lace bunches back up though.

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