Hey, hey, it's Saturday

...and it's sunny. After 5 days spent for the most part in a windowless room, I plan to get out and go for a walk today.

Knitting be damned. I mailed the Gilet to Auntie Margaret on Wednesday, knitted a hat, decided I didn't like it and undid it. Started another, but my neck was in a crick and I felt like the metal needles had been poking my thumb tips too hard, so I set that aside.

Ought to finish up a few things, I thought and hauled out the Wedgette from behind the couch. Knit a few rows on that but I'm feeling of two minds about it. I looked at the finished ones on Ravelry and wasn't thrilled with them. Never mind, they are using other yarns and I can make the sleeves the way I want. We'll see. Laid that aside (By the way, have you seen NG's volume 6? Oy!)

Worked on another Aeslight. Nice yarn, relatively mindless knit. Finally, I realized that I'm just tired. It's been a long, stupid winter. Cross my fingers, things are not too bad, but there is misfortune and illness all around. Hang on, hang on. We can see the light.

I've kept my Lett Lopi cardigan close at hand for months now. It's like a second skin. I love that it is so light and so warm. And after I washed it for the second time, a lot of the fuzzy bits that had been gathering on it were washed away and the cardigan pulled itself together and took on more shape and fit. Very nice. I have slept on top of ii on an air mattress on a cold floor. I have spread it over myself in a cold hotel room bed. I have used it as a pillow. I have used it as a lining for an insufficiently warm coat. I have worn it almost every single day.

I think about knitting an even better cardigan with the Plötulopi that I bought at Þingborg last year. I must knit something wonderful with he yarn. Maybe I should elborate on the Gilet design - make a larger size and something with sleeves? Or perhaps another yoke design? Primer Time knitter has been struggling with yokes, colour work and EZ's ghost over here.

But this is not the moment for me to be knitting. I'll sweep the dust out of the house this morning and enjoy the sun while it is here. Cheers, everyone!


Helen said…
For once, I'm not knocked out by the latest NG. You'll have to explain whether your Oy is one of disappointment or approval. I have however ordered Origami and, cough, Vintage Family.
Mary Lou said…
I have a wall of windows where my cubicle is, but haven't seen the sun in so long it may as well be windowless. Hope you had a nice walk. I'm snuggled down for the evening looking out at the freezing rain. I've been reduced to hats with my knitting, need some mojo.

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