Progress on the Pine Tree Palatine

I bet you forgot I was even knitting the Pine Tree Palatine. I put it on waste yarn last Fall when I  went to England, but never worked on it again until this March. It was tricky to figure out where I had left off and what size needles I had been using. Thanks to my project page on Ravelry, it didn't take me too long to figure it out. I left off on row 103, at the end of the first chart. That chart does have a well defined repeat outlined in red, but it's the last one which does. The others are all spread across two pages and require a magnifying glass to read. My theory is that Russian knitters have memorized the knitting of the various traditional motifs to such an extent that they think things like, OKAY, I've done with that mouse. Now I'll just knit past these trees and knit a line in this strawberry. They know what they're doing. They're not used to following patterns. They just do it. The rest of us struggle to catch up.

With Galina's patterns I must give myself over to the concept of knitting motifs. It's time to start the next line from the next motif when I find that have arrived at a point above a particular yo a few lines below, and not because I have painstakingly counted 70 stitches from the one before. I feel insecure. I want to see the numbers. I want to see well defined repeats in bold red on the chart. For me, this is like walking on a tight rope. I am walking on it anyway.


Marjorie said…
That is really pretty, and I can see why you're having problems picking it up again after a long hiatus.

I took a class with Galina, and I think she is so expert in so many ways that it is a challenge to keep up with her.
Mary Lou said…
I have a hard time picking up and figuring out what size needle on simple projects I've set aside for too long. What a lovely stole.
Chris said…
I was wondering if you noticed any mistakes in the pattern?

I am currently knitting this pattern and had difficulty in the beginning of the actual scarf (not the border). I finally removed the last knit together on the right side rows and it seems to have fixed my problem. I am hoping there will not be any more surprises.


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