Sock Progress

One pair down. One to go. The lavender scent completely disappeared in the wash...

So, I'm using the mohair again in this next pair....gray Regia 3 ply with a strand of laceweight mohair. It looks steel coloured...I bought the Regia at a small yarn store in Ottawa within walking distance of Parliament Hill. It closed last year. They always had plenty of black and grey Regia in 3 and 4 ply. I pictured Canadian civil servants faithfully knitting their plain, conservative socks by lamplight, or by the excellent daylight let in through the windows of the Confederation Building. I have heard of one such man.

I'm getting dizzy. I don't know what knitting to pack. I'm telling myself that I wouldn't survive if my suitcase containing the Pine Tree Palatine got lost and that IT wouldn't survive if the needles were removed by airport security. I know. I could put in a lifeline. 

Point is, I'm making excuses. What I really want is to start the Morning Surf Scarf, on wooden needles and a plainish cardigan of blue-green attic yarn (Germantown). The one I'm thinking of has raglan sleeves and a pattern of holes around the yoke. I'll have to finish Michael's socks though.

 After our Saturday walk, we sat on a bench at the head of Hemlock Lake. Nice name for a reservoir that holds drinking water, eh?)

and looked at the view... while eating grape pie.


Marjorie said…
That scarf pattern is lovely. I have one of the Faroese patterns in my pattern library, but I haven't tried it yet.

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