Big Baby in the Big Smoke

We're in England this week. Down in the Big Smoke for the craft show, Origin, me an' Big Baby. I was last here in 1991. Back then, when you washed your face after a day out, the water down the drain was black with grime from the air. London was famous for it's smog, but no longer. Makes me feel like Rip van Winkle (not unusual for me, I'm finding). I've been wearing Big Baby, my February Lady cardigan, every day and she's proving herself to be very adaptable indeed.

Anyway, we've been all around, Big Baby an' me, notably to the posh craft show Origin at Somerset House. Here we are at left, leaving our mark in the crafting space. Passers-by were invited to write a phrase on a pice of translucent ribbon and weave it into a 3.6 meter high wire frame.  I contributed "Stitch by Stitch," not very original, but I wanted to keep moving and take in the rest of the exhibits.

My sister Frances and I visited during week 2 (the exhibitors change each week) and made a beeline for the textile exhibitors. To be brief about what appealed to me: lace stitches knit up in fine yarns on a machine, left unblocked and then lightly felted. Picture the Fir Cone stitch. Never mind, just Google it. More later.


shandy said…
That Craft Fair looks rather special. I hope you got my message on Ravelry. I did try calling the number you gave me but it didn't connect somehow. More mittens are now in the air, so they should get there quicker than the last ones. I forgot to take pics for the blog.
Jo said…
When you said you were going to be in Northumberland, well if I'd have known you were going to be as close as London I could have come up and met with you, hope you have a lovely stay!

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