Berry Swirl

I keep seeing patterns for half moon shaped shawls. Typically, they have a lace edging and a garter stitch half moon centre, often shaped by short rows. Arroyo, and Crescent Hearts Shawlette are two free patterns that come to mind. Not sure how to insert links using this Blogger app, but you can look them up on Ravelry.

Why not pick a favorite lace stitch for the edge, knit a swatch with the yarn of your choice in order to calculate how many stitches to cast on and GO!?

I am doing just that. I am using a couple of yarns from Periwinkle Sheep here. After switching, I decided to cast on 325 stitches. I'm hoping my shawl will be about 60 inches wide. 

I am knitting 3 pattern repeats of a stitch from Sharon Miller's book, Heirloom Knitting. It's called Madeira Cascade and it was the centre stitch in my Seven Seas shawl that I entered in the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival contest last year. I'm just finishing up the lace part and I'm about to start the garter short rows. I took it in the car to Fairhaven Park today and got on well with it.

I hear that Karin of Periwinkle Sheep that she will be in town this Tuesday (8/12)!  She will be a the Knitting Circle from 6-8 and will bring some of her yarn for sale.  If you are nearby,Tina invites us all to come and see what she has available! Competition for our yarn dollars indeed, what with the sale at Village Yarns that is going on now.

Summer is flying by! I had my first swim of the season today. And my first one in Lake Ontario in about 50 years! Eek! It was heavenly even though they had bouys up (sp?), and you couldn't go out past waist level without the life guard tooting her whistle. Where are the good swimming holes in Western New York? 


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