Checking in

I'm trying out posting from my phone. If there's too much pointless babble from my end, I'll stop this and go back to regular posting.

I managed to make 92 shortbread cookies this evening. It was the first baking in my gas oven and it went really well. Ooh, that's 5 grams of butter per cookie. Too much?

Here are some of them, unbaked, under the watchful eye of the tea cat. Plus a bonus photo of the gorgeous Bruno.


Mary Lou said…
No such thing as too much butter. Or what my grandmother called "a little bit short." I was confused as the photos weren't in the order they were mentioned, and was wondering why that cat was called a tea cat!
Helen said…
I've got a cat cosy too, only mine is ginger. Bruno is very beautiful. We had a cat who visited, pure white with those pale grape-green eyes. We thought he was a girl until our cat had a litter of pure white kittens.

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