Sitting on a rocking chair in the Philadelphia airport, I'm knitting a pair of socks and observing the passing feet...I see a preponderance of what we used to call running shoes...slip ons for middle aged women, ballet flats and Uggs for the younger ones. A certain number of short leather boots are worn by women too, a few wear mid calf level boots. A little kid just called out "hello..." An older man shuffles by in carpet slippers.

Black leather shoes seem mostly to be worn by people who are working, but hey, that's what I'm wearing, too on my way home from a conference....


Mary Lou said…
I just got back from New York/NJ, and in New York I saw none of the 5" LA heels, mostly flats and lots of short and tall low heeled boots. In a city where you have to walk, practicality seems to rule. I had on my black leather Blundtones in the airport.

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