Knit it!

Spring in Western New York has been recalcitrant and angry, like a spoiled child. We had snow in mid April, lots of high winds and rain. The Forsythia has just now come into it's prime and the lovely Red Bud trees haven't even bloomed yet. Some people say that their tulips are blooming. I don't know about that.

I should be ashamed to post this photo, but this is what my vegetable patch looks like. It's awash with weeds, but you can just see the Rhubarb poking up. I've decided that the Rhubarb is the most important thing.

I've been extremely busy at work, and it leaves me little energy to do much but knit in the evenings. I finished the Storm Water Shawl (2 skeins of Handmaiden Sea Silk) and found a fellow to model it.

I finally knit myself a top that fits, though I'm having a hard time getting a good photo. This is Reid in purple.

I managed to make a little logo, but it doesn't look good embiggened. Too little time, too little energy.

I'm still on track with the sock a month thing, but I don't have photos. I knit my brother a pair bed socks out of leftover yarn for March and mailed them off to him. For April I have a red sock and a yellow sock done, the first of two different pairs. I think that counts.

Soon I'll show you a new Eastern Canopy. Brown though. Maybe not so exciting.

As far as seasonal projects go, my sister Tina pointed out that there are some nice patterns for summer tops in the Summer issue of Knitscene. OKAY, I'm running out of steam. Nightie night!


Mary Lou said…
I've been in the same place. At least you are getting to the knitting before you crash. Hasn't this been a loooong winter? I do have daffodils and squill at least.
Marjorie said…
I'm getting a late start with my garden too--but for me it has just been too much rain. (I hesitate to even say that after last summer.) That is quite a handsome rhubarb. I'm having a bit of trouble getting rhubarb plants to last for more than a couple of years, and I've just tried again, moving the plant so it is insider my deer cage. Deer have eaten it, although they're not supposed to.

That is a lovely shawl, and I hope the model fully appreciates your good work.

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