Where the Cats Go

I finished my first Felicity hat. And Helen, I'm definitely going to knit another soon, maybe one to match these mittens:

But back to the hat. Here are a couple of modelling shots.

The back is really the nicest part:

I tacked down the lining and pressed the edge. Next time, I'll try to make a sharper fold and I'll try it with few stitches, maybe 140. This one holds to the head OKAY. In fact, it's pretty good if you're afraid of mussing up your hair, but it could be a little tighter.

So, where do the cats go? To the Cat Maze, of course!

Most cats are happy enough to stay indoors in winter, snoozing in a warm spot. They might occasionally wander out onto a porch for a few minutes but they soon want to come back in. This is the third annual Cat Maze in my daughter's back yard. It starts out small, but if she keeps it up, the walls get really high. Her two cats actually use it to take walks. It's nice at night too:


Mary Lou said…
That cat maze is hilarious. I must try Felicity -- I need a new hat and lord knows, I have plenty of yarn lying around.
practical katie said…
Oh my god . The cat maze is FANTASTIC!!!

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