Seen This?

I'm just re-posting, not adding anything new, but isn't this exciting? What am I talking about?

The Twist Collective article on the re-discovered Elizabeth Zimmermann Green Sweater. The article is written by the person who discovered and reconstructed the cardigan. The interesting thing about this cardigan is that instead of having the decreases for the sleeve hidden underneath the arm, their right out on top. Looking at the pictures, you can recognize various EZ techniques, but the sleeve decreases are new. A gift from the past from a great knitter.

Once you've digested that, you can read more on Meg Swansen's (EZ's daughter's) newsletter no. 9. and order the pattern. On Ravelry, the discussion has begun on the Zimmermaniacs group. Of course, there's a knit-a-long too.

Gotta go read. Just discovered my nephew's blog...


Mary Lou said…
But has he discovered yours? I am not 'out' with my family, mostly because they are not remotely interested in knitting. I loved that article with the undiscovered sweater. One of my secrets is that I have a sweater EZ knitted for me. One day I'll post re. that.
Raveller said…
oooh, Mary Lou. An EZ sweater! And yes, my whole family reads my blog.
Marjorie said…
That was cool. I've just "discovered" EZ in the sense that I'm about to depart from my knit-in-pieces sweaters to try one of hers.
shandy said…
I just loved that green cardigan. it looked tyrolean, to me, not English at all, particularly the way the increases were on the outside of the sleeves.

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