I recently finished knitting Shetland Trader's Aestlight . I stranded a very fine pale grey merino with a green mohair. The result is very warm, definitely set to embellish a winter coat, maybe one of those "not quite warm enough" coats.

I took it outside for a few nature shots.

Posting about this makes me want to immediately knit another one in a more "indoor" kind of yarn, something soft and smooth. Hmmmm...

Meanwhile, I have started a few other warm projects, including a long cosy vest for my aunt. I'm starting at the bottom, making it up as I go along and I've already had to rip out and go back to the drawing board once. I tried to combine 2 stitches side by side but the row gauge didn't match up. It gave me another idea. I'm off to knit now...


Marjorie said…
The shawl looks lovely.
Mary Lou said…
Cozy and perfect for the season. Matching row gauge like that can be a real PITA. I'll get that chart to you soon, I promise.

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