Marking the Change

Here's just a bit of garbled bit of translation that seemed to fit the moment. Knitting to resume momentarily...apologies to various Russian authors. H.

"The running on the stairs, the whirling, the screaming and the racket had reached it's peak.

At that moment, the clock on the tower struck.

"Bonng!" went the clock.

Shrieks and screams shook the pavilion. Assistants, consultants, experts and editors streamed down the stairs. There was a rush for the exit.

"Bonng! Bonng!" continued the clock.

Silence began to emerge from the corners. The keepers of the cast-iron seal, the managers of commas, the administrators and lieutenants were all gone. A messenger's broom flashed for one last time on the stairway.

"Bonng!" the clock struck for the fourth time.

The pavillion was empty. And only an assistant, whose jacket pocket had got snagged on a bronze handle, squealed pitifully and stamped the marble floor with his little hoofs.

It was over. A rooster crowed in a fishing village by the sea."


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