Hemlock Ring Update

I must say that I probably would not knit the Hemlock Ring again because of my experience blocking it. And it's still not perfect. I've resigned myself to weaving in the loose ends, applying the steam iron without mercy, especially to the edges and leaving it at. Perhaps when the warm weather comes, If I'm in the mood, I'll take it outside and block the dickens out of it one more time. I'll be able to spread it out in the back yard on a sheet and leave no loop unpinned.

Judith, thank you for your very sensible comment. I notice that on your project page, you talk about changing to a larger sized need for the feather and fan section. In my case this might have helped with the last 6 inches or so.

It really does want to be a bowl even if only a very shallow bowl. It will work nicely as an armchair cover.


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