Life and Death in suburbia

Damn, I want to sit outside! It's 75 F/24 C, dry and breezy. The immediate neighbours are away on their Labour Day jaunts and I'm stuck inside. I did spend the morning in the shade of an enormous fir at the bottom of the garden making headway on the Side to Side Ribbon Pullover and observing the Life of Insects. Now I have been chased indoors. There are two immediate causes.

First, about half a block up. someone has hired a man with a microphone to animate a three year old's birthday party. He's got them squealing. Oh yeah.

At the same time, in the more immediate vicinity, our local ratcatcher, Cleo the black cat is having her fun with with a chipmunk. She's alternately carrying it in her mouth and chasing it through the near foliage - Japanese anemone and Lilac bushes. It squeals just like the chipmunks in the Disney cartoons.

Oy. I'll give it a half hour and then the carnage should be over and the cake consumed. Sorry, no photos.


shandy said…
Oh, how I relate to that! Worst ever was a neighbour who went on holiday leaving a painter doing the window frames whose taste in radio stations was not mine, just as I was free to enjoy my garden on a mid-term break.

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