Day and Night

I've been away. You may have noticed. A brief week at the cottage, all too short. We rented this place on the Gatineau River and got the whole family together. We've been up in these parts for several decades now but no longer fit under one roof.

We had to haul in the drinking water, but the surroundings were so beautiful and relaxing that we didn't really mind.

There was canoeing, of course.

And swimming. With neighbourhood dogs.

There was a covered bridge with views. The water was high and fast due to all the rain that they've had this summer.

There was more canoeing. With clouds reflected in the still water of Lac La Peche in the morning.

And knitting, of course. Here's the present I was working on for my sister Frances. I found one of those blue and white striped Sheffield tea pots and knit this cosy for it. I'm just about done with the Side to Side Pullover (that ribbon thing) but not quite there. I could hardly bear working on it. Instead, I carried around a skein of blue green Ultra Alpaca Fine and finally started the Heartland Lace Shawl.

Oh, and hey, I visited with Aniko of Ravelry, a natural born spinner and prolific knitter with a superb stash. That's her sister in the picture of the tea cosy, above. We're a private bunch. Well, most f us are. Here I am posing in the Fleurette Cardigan. Big hit. Must knit it again in a solid. I can think of a few mods I'd make next time.

The day before we left to come home, we saw a double rainbow.

And later on, a small houseboat floated down the river from Wakefield and swirled around in the misty bay under the full moon. It was hard to take a photo. I'm hoping that someone else in our group got one with the houseboat. Here's the best so far. Good times.


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