Phew, weekend, weeds

Aren't  these Mulleins wild weeds? They are in my neighbour's driveway, growing from the crack between the asphalt driveway and the house. They're in their second year and will no doubt be pulled up shortly as the house is due to be painted next month.

Couldn't knit a stitch last night due to Friday night neck strain. Funny, when you're young, you just itch for the end of the week, then later in life you're content to relax at home and recover from the week.

I now have a deadline of July 16th to finish the baby blanket I am working on so I'll have to put my other projects aside until I have make serious advancements on the baby blanket. Here is the latest picture of Big Baby, the cardi based on on EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket: :

I have since finished the garter stitch border along the bottom and picked up a sleeve on dpn's and started to knit it. It's big enough that the knitting is rather clumsy and I wish I had a suitable circular needle instead.

In other knitting I have finished one pair of the lurid socklets and continue to doe a few rows every day or two on the KPPPM cardigan.

The garden beckons. Summer here is short. If you're not careful, it becomes a row of dates on a calendar and if you shut your eyes, it's gone.

This year has been fairly stressful for some plants and trees. It's alternately hot and cold and there have been great dumpings of rain on an irregular basis, so alternately too dry and too wet. Looked at the Saucer Magnolia this morning and it has a fungus (!).

But then there are strawberries which are doing very nicely

And daisies:

And day lilies. Here are some common ones, gowing out on an angle from under a bush:

The peonies are over of course, but they were lovely. I've moved all of my peonies to get ready to build the porch and the ones that I moved last Fall aren't what I'd wish. This lot were moved 2 years ago and are looking fine:

Now that we have a back porch, we're able to wander out into the garden into the morning. This fits well into any stress reduction plan. Hope it can help with neck strain...


Marjorie said…
The baby cardigan looks lovely.

For a "short summer", your flowers are looking beautiful. I guess it is only slightly warmer where I am. We've had very odd weather this year and all I've managed so far is to get impatiens in--but my mums have buds!
Anonymous said…
I love mullein! We had a book as kids where a little fairy who lived outside used a mullein leaf for her blanket.

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