The Dragon's Pike

Melanie Berg's new pattern Drachenfels is stylish and well written. And it has me fairly snookered. 

It's Sunday afternoon and I have just finished re-doing the same 6 rows that I knit on Saturday morning - for the umpteenth time. It's like a brain test and I'm not passing. 

I think that it's because of the counting. I'm the person who knits without looking. I must slow down. 

The pattern is entirely garter stitch and is knit on the bias, increasing and decreasing at the beginning and/or the end of certain rows. I keep knitting past the place where I'm supposed to decrease. 

I hope to spend less time in the frog pond and finish this week.  Almost every row you see here has been knit over at least one extra time. It will be lovely to wear it. 


Mary Lou said…
I love the name of this. Isn't it amazing how a simple pattern can lull one into auto pilot? I do that all the time. A neighbor asked me yesterday if I had a row counter she could borrow and was shocked that I didn't use them.

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