New Year

We received our first snow of the winter overnight on December 26th. It's barely stopped since. It makes going for a walk a bit more challenging than usual but it's a
bsolutely gorgeous to look at.

Here are some things that I would like to knit in the coming months. Excuse the margins.

1) Finish my Fleurette II cardigan. I have only the top of the sleeves to do and to put it all together.

2) Knit up the Amaryllis Mittens kit that I won as a prize last year in NaKniMitMo 2012 during the month of January.

3) Knit a secret wedding shawl before the beginning of March.

4) Chug along on my current North Sea Shawl, a very relaxing project, pictured below.

5) Hem and press the bleeping living room curtains that I recently sewed and hung in place, also pictured below. The ones in the previous post only cover half the windows. I had a complete pair of beautiful, pale green ones that I found in the Salvation Army in Bath, NY, but the fabric was disintegrating. I'm blessed/cursed with 5 windows on a curved foundation. I priced out custom drapes and was horrified at the price. I bought new fabric for these, used the existing curtain rod and hooks, but had to order pleating tape on the internet! If you knew what I went through originally to concoct the curtain rings... I'm convinced there's a plot against decent homemade curtains. It's so hard to get everything you need. Some things, like those I-beam rods have ceased to exist. I      could have sewn the pleats, but these will be adjustable down the road, if I ever move elsewhere.

PS. Helen - wow, a litter of white kittens!


Mary Lou said…
I remember when they sold pleating tape and drapery rods in every fabric store. They look good from here! We have had one big storm and then it rained, so we have snow that is useless for skiing or very much of anything. This week is supposed to get above freezing, so it might all be gone. My garden will be very sad.
Helen said…
I'm afraid the litter of white kittens ended very sadly. Our cat was very young, five months when she got pregnant (it was New Year and I expect someone was drunk and let her out, ahem), a teen mom who couldn't cope. It was all a bit like Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries. Some of them were killed by a neighbouring tom cat in our garden. She packed a lot of drama into her short life, that cat, and was killed by a car when crossing the road to go ratting up the railway line. But we did keep the survivor, a calico with no white, called Bessie Smith, sweet little cat. Life is much quieter these days :)

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