End of May

For the first time ever, I've had ripe strawberries in my garden during the month of May. I hear that there's been plenty of rain downstate while here, in Western New York we've been having a drought of sorts, very strange for May. My fingers are crossed for tomorrow. Right now, the peonies are blooming nicely.

It looks as though there will be an excellent gooseberry crop this year too. 

My tomato plants are still tiny. I planted them from seed, and late too, along with radishes, coriander and zinnias. What comes up, comes up. You can see the new fence here.

We have someone cutting the grass for us now as I am not up to doing my share. It's tremendously liberating, not have to think about the lawn. 

In Knitting

Looking back, I see that the workshop that I attended with Galina Khmeleva took place in 2007. Five years ago! We spent 2 days in a community building in the middle of a field near Utica, NY learning the ins and outs of Orenburg lace knitting from Galina, instructor supreme. I just love Russian teachers. My home room teacher in high school was from Odessa. There's no fussing, no guilt; either you complete the task at hand or you don't; plus hours of of wry humour and stories. Just don't point out your mistakes. And George. I wonder how George is doing?

If all goes well, I'll find out on July 8th, when I attend the advanced lace classes hosted by the Genesee Valley Handspinners' Guild (GVHG) in Victor, NY.

In preparation, I've hauled out my Pine Tree Palatine (scarf, shawl, baby blanket, throw?). It's three quarters done, so I should be able to complete it by then. Apparently I started knitting it in January 2008. I've set it up on my knitting table. Fortunately it didn't take long to figure out where I left off. Wish me luck!

In other knitting, I finished the gold and green curtains for the little window in the knitting room. The yarn is a mystery fibre, but I suspect rayon. I performed a burn test in the sink and there is definitely no silk in it. Sister F. is a witness to it. Now I'm having a h-ll of a time taking a good photo of them. Here they are with a pale yellow cloth pinned behind them. They need a lining. This will have to do for now.

I'm knitting the Clematis Edging on this shawl. I daren't call it a Cobweb Crepe, which is the name of the pattern because there's nothing cobwebby about it.


Mary Lou said…
We have had strawberry shortcake already! We have never had berries inMay, either, but no drought here, just water in everyone's basement. The curtains look good, I'm impressed.
shandy said…
Love that gold curtain! Now if only I had a little window to dress...
Your curtains look great. I have never knit curtains but someday I would like to try.
Marjorie said…
I too am surprised at how early some veggie harvests have been. I had my best garlic year ever (it is all harvested!)--90 heads. My tomatoes, even the main seasons, have flowers all over them, and I'm moving on to "broccoli week."

Your flowers are lovely. Flowers are always an afterthought for me, but I do have sunflowers coming up to attract the bees.

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