Will this ever end?

I keep hoping that things will soon be back to normal in our house and that I will be able to return to my regular habits. Foolish me, though I think things are going in the right direction. The renovations ended a week ago and the workers are gone. The results are good overall - our early 60's kitchen has been replaced with everything clean and new, a long enough bathtub and a room for guests installed in the basement.  A week of evenings was spent shelf papering. I used contact paper, a sticky, hellish invention. There was the task getting things back into the right places in kitchen. There's still the dining room to set to rights. While almost all the boxes are unpacked a steady layer of dust settles over everything.

I was going to post a photo of what our Spring is looking like, but Blogger is misbehaving. Spring got going early and everything started blooming in mid March. There was a heat wave and it was 85 F/29 C on our second floor. Magnolias blooms were ruined by a subsequent frost. Still, the forsythia and daffs keep going. You can see the Red Bud tree in the photo that I'm failing to post - it's been blooming for a couple of weeks now. Now we're in a period of drought.

In Knitting

This is a pair of fingerless mittens that I knit in March. I used the remainder of a ball of un-dyed Sea Silk and modelled them on an identical pair that I made in the mists of time. I wear them when my psoriasis is bad and I feel self conscious. They're beautiful and soft and the fabric is thin.

I tackled a ball of some kind of rayon fibre that Nadia gave me last year. When I undid it, pulling apart the plies and creating two balls of thinner yarn. It's kind of gold looking, but it's actually shiny yellow and green.

Then I starting knitting a little curtain in the traditional Print of the Wave pattern from Heirloom Knitting. I'm hoping for some window bling.

Finally, here is a mindless project that I have on the go. Inspired by the 3/4 Hap project on Ravelry, I started with a more defined neck than what it looks like in that pattern, by knitting a small rectangle and then picking up on three sides of it. Next I proceeded to divide the stitches into three sections, doing the increases on every second row on either side of a single stitch that divides the sections. When I had enough stitches, I knit Feather  and Fan stitch. Pretty good for TV watching since there's a pattern row only every  6th row. 

Darn Blogger, I wanted to show you our Spring. Well, next time.


Mary Lou said…
The layer of dust is maddening. Our renovations are moving slowly, since it is mostly my husband doing it. I paint and hold up drywall. Putting things away in the kitchen is tricky - do they go back where they were, or is there a new,more efficient configuration? Lovely forsythia!
Marjorie said…
The mitts are very pretty.

Our trees are blooming too, but the lack of rain has got me very worried about any gardening success I might have this season. Our village tends to impose water restrictions when rain is sparse, just making it an exercise in frustration to get my veggies the water they need.

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